About us

About our company

Answer to your prayers of finding a healthy and hassle-free solution of good quality food.

OMYB: O’Mind Your Body was created to answer to your prayers of finding a healthy and hassle-free solution of good quality food while you deal with the everyday chaos of a busy Mumbai life. We are the first ones for daily delivery of fresh and homemade salads. Using the highest quality ingredients for our salads, this service that we have created makes sure to provide you with many fresh and healthy alternatives, that you can choose from, while also guaranteeing that we would deliver it right to your doorstep anywhere in Mumbai. Our salads are not only fresh and tasty, but also come in affordable prices, such that anyone from a businessperson, homemaker, fitness freak and busy working individuals can relish our delicious salads, while not having to compromise on health by eating junk food. We also tutor sushi classes. Join a masterclass in the modern art of creative vegetarian sushi preparation. You’ll be introduced to a range of Japanese ingredients; learning where and how to use them and about some of the unique products used. In this hands-on cooking class, you’ll then go on to learn different types of sushi with dipping Sauce. We start with introducing a variety of sushi, then a cooking session. Next you will be able make your own sushi.

About the Founder

Dhawani Gaala is a Head Chef, Food Entrepreneur and the brains behind OMYB: O'Mind Your Body, your single destination for ultimate salad makeovers and Sushi Masterclass. With a keen interest and elaborate knowledge in healthy food cuisines, she is on her journey to offer people with food meals which rejuvenate their mind, body and soul and still taste deliciously finger- licking.

Being an ardent lifestyle influencer, professional healer and a well-trained nutritionist, she also introduces you with her secret sushi recipe book for now and many more in the future! Being a food enthusiast herself, she understands how important it is to have food with the right taste and thus with her cooking process ensures all the recipes that she delivers are not only healthy but also packed with amazing taste, which allows you to enjoy a flavorful bowl of wholesome goodness.