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Salads: A magical food

Salads are probably the most underrated element in any diet, and many a time’s people forget to understand how important and fulfilling they are to the body. It is the perfect solution to your weight loss problems and will ensure that you eat enough, without gaining much. Eating salads that have raw vegetables will not only keep you full and stay away from the oily junk food alternatives that you have, but also help in providing you with essential fiber, cut down on your calorie intake, infuse your blood with powerful antioxidants like Vitamin C and E, folic acid, and provide you with smart fats and nutrients like monosaturated fat, lycopene, lutein, alpha carotene and beta carotene. Therefore, if you have been ignoring your greens and looking for a solution to eat healthy, protein rich food while not getting delayed in the chaotic life of a Mumbaikar, our affordable salad delivery system might just be the right choice for you.


About Our Founder

With a keen interest in food that is healthy, and an elaborate knowledge about various salads that will help you rejuvenate your mind, body and soul while also tasting delicious. I am Dhwani Gala, the brains behind OMYB: O’Mind Your Body, your dream destination where salads get a makeover.  An ardent lifestyle influencer and professional healer, I am also a well-trained nutritionist, accumulating all my talents to present you with a nice and low carb solution of food that will keep you full, while ensuring that you do not have an overload of calories. The bowls of salad that we provide are packed with proteins, very important for the development of your body. Being a foodie myself, I understand how important it is to have food that also tastes great. Therefore, I make sure that all the salads that we deliver, despite being healthy, do not compromise on taste, and allow you to enjoy a flavorful bowl of greens and veggies.


About Us

OMYB: O’Mind Your Body had been created to answer to your prayers of finding a healthy and hassle-free solution of good quality food while you deal with the everyday chaos of a busy Mumbai life. We are the first ones for daily delivery of fresh and homemade salads. Using the highest quality ingredients for our salads, this service that we have created makes sure to provide you with many fresh and healthy alternatives, that you can choose from, while also guaranteeing that we would deliver it right to your doorstep anywhere in Mumbai. Our salads are not only fresh and tasty, but also come in affordable prices, such that anyone from a businessperson, homemaker, fitness freak and busy working individuals can relish our delicious salads, while not having to compromise on health by eating junk food.

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We are passionate about providing you with a wide range of fresh.

    Our Services

    Here at OMYB: O’Mind Your Body we aspire to provide you with a balanced meal box of tasty salads that fulfills all your needs and keeps you well fed and relaxed throughout the day. Good food promotes happiness, and that is what we at OMYB: O’Mind Your Body aspire to bring to you, while also contributing in the wellness of your mind, body and soul.
    Salads + Snacks
    Salads + Nutrition Consultation
    Salads + Snacks + Nutrition Consultation

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    Brands & Clients

    Fixed menu with delightful choices

    You can choose from a vast range of salad options that we provide with our fixed menu. Each of these salads that feature on our menu have high protein content, low on carbs and fats, a multiple number of micro-nutrients, and have been kept on the menu keeping your wellness and health in mind. So as to ascertain that monotony does not seep in with the presence of the same old salads in our menu, we make sure to change our menu every 3months. The next menu change can be expected on the first Monday of the coming month of November.

    Affordable pricing

    The prices of our salad boxes are very reasonable. All of our salads are homemade, thereby ensuring that equal amounts of care and focus is given to every single order. Although, they are each made from scratch by our talented nutritionists and chefs, we make sure that it doesn’t cost you a fortune.

    Delivered to your doorstep

    Probably the best feature of our salad delivery service is the fact that you can be located anywhere in Mumbai, be it your home, gym or office. All you need to do in order to take a bite into our delicious salads is opt for our healthy food tiffin service and order the food while mentioning your location accurately. We will make sure that the salads are delivered to your doorstep in the most convenient packaging anywhere across Mumbai.

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    Contact Us

    If you are looking to cut down on carbs, increase your protein intake and commit yourself to a healthy diet to lose weight and eat lots of green and succulent salads, all you need to do is contact us. You can get a quote by clicking here on our website.
    To collaborate call on +919136474728.

    WhatsApp 9136474728

    Located at North Avenue, Santacruz, West Mumbai, Maharashtra- 400054, India, we are open from 9am to 2pm every Monday to Friday.

    We are not available on the weekends, i.e. Saturday and Sunday, and you can avail our tasty salads once again as the week starts on Monday.

    *Refer to a friend and get a free meal on their first purchase
    Offer valid up to the first week as you order!

    We are passionate about providing you with a wide range of fresh.
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